A&D Machine provides powder coat finishes for a wide array of applications such as motorcycles, aircraft parts, car and motorcycle parts, fabrications, and weldments. Powder coating is an excellent option if you're looking for a durable finish, protection from the elements, and an environmentally safer option.
We also offer several industrial painting solutions including: liquid coating, powder coating, aluminum coating, and the highly specialized carc painting or Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings painting.
Powder coat painted parts
Grinding is a diverse manufacturing technique that is capable of producing very fine finishes and accurate dimensions; it also often has time & cost advantages over other methods for mass part production.
A&D Machine offers both internal and external grinding, centerless grinding, blanchard grinding, knife grinding, surface grinding, form grinding, as well as complete magnaflux services and gear hobbing. Please contact us today to learn more!
Honing is a machining process that achieves very precise tolerances and finishes most other finishing methods cannot equal. Honing parts also improves both the geometry and surface finish of a work piece.
We can hone virtually any material in a wide range of shapes and sizes, please contact A&D Machine today to learn more about honing.