Heat treating is an industrial metalworking process that alters the physical and chemical properties of a material. Proper heat treating requires precise control over temperature, time held at a certain temperature and cooling rate and can produce a metal alloy with greater toughness and durability, as well as increased shear strength and tensile strength.
We offer a variety of heat-treating services such as: age hardening, annealing, austempering, carburizing, nitrocarburizing tempering, quenching, carbonitriding, and induction hardening.
Heat treating metal parts
Metal alloy plating has a long history of use and is a process that has a wide variety of industrial and commercial uses, plating is often used to inhibit corrosion of metal parts, improve wear ability and paint adhesion, harden a metal or metal alloy, alter a part's electrical conductivity, and for radiation shielding purposes.
A&D Machine offers manganese, phosphate, and black oxide coating, which increases a parts corossion resistance and reduces buildup. We also offer Phosphate plating, which is generally either manganese, iron, or zinc, and is designed to reduce corrosion, increase lubricity, or to increase paint adhesion. We can plate just about any material
you can think of, please contact us today to learn more!
Black oxide coated parts